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Digital Marketing Grant

Professional provider will provide the following services in accordance with fees stated as follows:

Digital Marketing Grant

Estimated Hours: 12 hours

Purpose: Social media setup and creation of content plan to capture online audience and increase brand presence.

Initial Consultation: Analyze needs of the brand and select best social media platforms for those needs, including:

• Evaluation of current brand presence on social media.

• Identification of the brand’s social media objective. Example: Does the company want to increase brand awareness, introduce a product or service or increase website traffic.

• Selection of 2 social media platforms that align with brand objective.

Final Consultation: Design and set up selected social media platforms and launch social media plan, including:

• Set up 2 social media platforms.

• Implementation of graphic elements (profile pictures, cover photos, etc.)

• Presentation of social media content plan, including:

o Strategies, type of content and frequency the brand should post on each platform.
o A timeline that defines the brand’s desired goal. Example: Content plan should be implemented for 3 months with the purpose of acquiring 300 likes or followers.

o Themes, topics and/or games that will be posted Monday through Sunday on each social media platform.


• Client is responsible for implementing social media content plan.

• Client is responsible for additional paid promotional features, such as Facebook ads, if applicable.

• Client must provide images, videos, logos and text related to their product/service during the development of the grant.

• Client should have a personal social media presence or basic knowledge on how to use social media platforms.

• Prior to receiving this grant, client must fulfill one of the following:

o Client is willing to personally maintain social media platforms.

o Client has someone on staff that will maintain social media platforms.

o Client has financial resources to subcontract maintenance of social media platforms.