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“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Henry Ford

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Imagine Digital eXpressions utilizes a thorough assessment model to identify external and internal factors standing in the way of marketing success. This model offers compelling and valuable information to set the path a better functioning plan for targeting the right audience.

We offer different tools to create an effective marketing plan for your company:

Our distinctive experience in marketing has helped clients with initiatives such as:

Lead generation
Lead management
Increasing revenue
Improving brand awareness
Program development
Website development
Online marketing
Social media marketing
When seeking answers for a marketing strategy, Imagine Digital Expressions has them. Contact us today for more information on how you can take your company to the next level online using our easy to follow marketing strategy.

Read what other clients have to say about our marketing consulting:

"We didn’t know where to begin, but we know we had to start. Pablo gave us a detailed guide on how we can maximize our marketing efforts, and in just 3 months we’ve seen a positive ROI from what we’ve implemented. Thank you Imagine Digital Expressions!"

"Our company was almost non-existent online. We knew our competitors were ahead because of their online presence. With the help of Imagine Digital Expressions’ marketing consulting, we are now starting to come out ahead and we’re thrilled."

"You can make online marketing effective, as long as you know how to do it. Turn to a team of marketing experts that has already found the secret to making it a success. Turn to Imagine Digital eXpressions. "

What We Do:

Research: Our team will research your company's mission, products or services, and target audience to ensure that the concept presented is unique to your marketing plan.

Discuss: Sitting down with you and thoroughly discussing your goals is essential to creating the ideal marketing campaign. Throughout the time that you utilize our services, we will continue to refer to these goals and objectives as the benchmarks of progress.

The First Day

Create Accounts: Our team works with several programs to establish a more comprehensive marketing campaign, so we start the process by creating accounts for every client in programs like AdWords, Analytics, adCenter, E-Commerce, and various social networking platforms.

Protect You: The security of your and your company's information is one of our top priorities. From the initial set-up of your accounts, we safeguard them to eliminate the possibility of outside users gaining access.

The First Week

Analyze: One of the most important aspects of a Pay per Click campaign is the use of keywords. We continually evaluate the competition within the industry to choose the most relevant and essential keywords.

Fill in the Gaps: The team managing your account will constantly be looking at the latest trends within the industry. During this time, the appropriate changes will be made so that your target audience is always reached.

The First Month

Complete Reports: To gauge the development of your marketing campaign, the team will prepare monthly reports. These will not only benefit us in determining which changes need to be made, but the reports will also provide you the necessary statistics and data to track your campaign's progress.

Meet: Throughout the first month, it is important that we meet to ensure that the goals and objectives you outlined are being met. During this time, we will discuss necessary changes, potential outcomes, and brainstorm areas of improvement.