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The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise on

Automated Ad creation

Give us some pictures, videos and some basic messaging and we take care of the rest. We create hundreds of ad variations instantly across each platform.

No longer do you have to spend hours trying to come up with the perfect ad, we do that for you!.

Key Audience Creation

IDX Robo Media identifies your ideal customers as they post their needs and wants on social media and then displays timely advertisements to them giving you the best chance at gaining their business. A prospective customer of a real estate agent may say on Twitter - "I'm looking to sell my house!". Our client, the real estate agent, will advertise directly to that prospective customer and anyone with similar interests and demographics.

Let IDX Robo Media take the guesswork out of targeting.
IDX Robo Media will identify your ideal audience and help you acquire new customers.

Automatic Optimization & Retargeting

IDX Robo Media only gets better with age, which means your advertising budget goes further and performs better as time goes on!

IDX Robo Media works 24/7, 365, to improve your campaign. The platform features A/B Testing, Predictive Budget Allocation, Day Parting and much more.

Landing Page Creation

Don't have a website or a great converting page? No problem.
We create a simple, high converting landing page to capture more sales, enquiries and phone calls.

Not only does IDX Robo Media create the ideal ads, but IDX Robo Media will arm you with all the tools needed to turn a visitor into a sale!

Simple Reporting

We show you what matters. The stats you need to know in a format you can understand. No more mumbo jumbo!

See which ads are performing best, and gain valuable insights into your audience.

Full Analytics

Fine! If you really want, you can dig deep to see what's under the hood and track the metrics important to you - organized and intuitive.

Watch as our IDX Robo Media improves your campaign and helps you increase your ROI!