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Website Development | Orlando, FL


Your Website:

Imagine going online and searching for a business. What is the first thing you do? In five seconds or less, you will decide whether you trust that business to get you the services and products you need, or you could decide to keep searching the web for another one. What are the top factors that help you make that decision? Well, the most important are design, accessibility, presentation of information, functionality, and efficiency.

Nowadays, having a great functioning and well designed website is not enough.

We make your website visible and easy to find by the major search engines thus providing you with the best chance for revenue.

Our SEO setup will make sure your website is ready to be found by the major search engines.

Our SEO services will actively connect your company with clients organically looking for your services and products.

Our Online Ads will promote your business with a fresh line of clients.

Our social media services will maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients as they can refer you to their friends and business partners.

Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your website active with new original information thus helping you to share your services and products with the world.

E-commerce Cart

The selling cart is used to sell your unlimited products or services on the web.
Control your Inventory
Control your items and prices with full access.

IDX Maintenace Include:

  • Add or remove photos and content
  • Add photo galleries
  • Update content or descriptions
  • Add or change emails
  • Change phone numbers
  • Add videos
  • Fix bugs
  • Upload your new content to your blog
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or a business owner, our website maintenance service plans take the technical and tedious “do it yourself” work off your hands allowing you to focus on helping your customers and growing your business. At Imagine Digital eXpressions INC., we pride ourselves on providing the best website maintenance service in the industry.

We have web designers and web developers in-house and around the globe to meet all your expectations in a well coordinated, time-managed, and professional atmosphere.

Each customer gets a dedicated account manager to ensure your satisfaction by eliminating communication gaps between customers and our professionals.

If you are a business owner struggling to keep up with a website or never seem to have the time to make the updates you have been meaning to do, our monthly maintenance plan is the solution.

Why should you use IDX for your web maintenance?

-Leave your staff to do what they're trained for, not for updating your website.
-Maintain a uniform, professional look for your website.
-The staff at IDX is detail-oriented and will not let mistakes or flaws show up in your website.
-It is convenient for you and your business.

At Imagine Digital eXpressions INC., we have managed and marketed websites for many companies. We can do the same for you. From simple tweaks to complete redesigns, we’re here for you.

Website requests are high priority and will be taken care of quickly and efficiently with an maximum turnaround time of 24 hours or less after receiving your request.