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IDX Logo Design Services

For companies or entrepreneurs who need to provisionally design their logo without the rest of the development of a corporate image.


Your logo is the visual piece that is responsible for transmitting the personality and essence of your company; Is the gateway to countless commercial and corporate relationships. If your company does not have a professionally designed logo, you are at a disadvantage as it is very likely that your competition will already have it and successfully transmit what your company does not.


This is what we offer:

  • Design of proposal 100% original for your brand.
  • 2 sessions of changes of the selected design, adjusting our idea at your discretion.
  • Delivery of arts in digital formats of your preference.


This is what we offer:

  • Delivery in 15 business days.
  • One logo proposals is presented.
  • Includes 2 sessions of changes.
  • After complete payment of the full amount, the files are ready to be printed.
  • Does NOT include printing service or color proofing.